Company aim is to improve, standardize and cut costs of barrel cleaning in all levels


Milfoam Ltd is a Company specialized in gun barrel cleaning technology.
The Company’s vision is to modernize gun barrel cleaning technology and offer
turn-key solutions to the customers.
 The Company offers comprehensive solutions
to improve and standardize the gun maintenance of the customer in a more
cost-efficient way.

Milfoam Ltd offers modern gun maintenance products including inspections and
measurement devices for all kind of weapons, from handguns to heavy weapons.
The target is to compose a gun barrel cleaning solution, which is the best answer
to the customer’s need. If needed, Milfoam Ltd supplements its own products
with products of its partners in order to present the best possible solution.

Milfoam Ltd offers also all instruction and expert support needed to elaborate the
guidelines for gun barrel cleaning.

The core field of activity can be described as modern, cost-efficient, customer oriented
and long term customer support.

The motto of Milfoam Ltd is: ”Guns and ammunition have developed in 200 years,
why is the gun maintenance not solved?