Company aim is to improve, standardize and cut costs of barrel cleaning in all levels
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After cleaning
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Technical Highlights of Milfoam Technology

Milfoam technology offers turnkey solutions for cleaning all firearms and it
has been developed from a different point of view than existing methods.
Milfoam has first investigated the challenges of nowadays barrel
maintenance and then created solutions to the challenges.

New weapon systems and ammunitions have increased the problems related to barrel cleaning. Gun barrel maintenance including varying maintenance methods, high
maintenance cost, lack of manpower, lack of time and interest of the crews and
insufficient supervision are problems all units have to deal with. The use of new
weapon systems and the increasing portion of advanced technology of today's
battlefield takeprecious time from the professionalized units.

Milfoam’s patented foam is an odorless, non-toxic and environmental friendly compound,
non hazardous to humans, does not cause any adverse effect on contact with
human skin and does not result in the emission of hazardous or toxic
fumes and gases.

Milfoam Solutions for challenges:

  • Foam makes powder softer to take away by brushin
  • Foamer cleaning system does not need manpower, when it is working
  • Foam oxidizes the copper/brass away during cleaning process
  • Foam makes plastic residues softer to take away by brushing
  • Foam is environmentally safe for user

Main strengths of foam technology are

  • Chemical reaction for removing carbon, copper, and other residues effectively
  • The foam covers the complete barrel, 360 degrees
  • Easy for use,  non abrasive and Non Corrosive
  • Cost effective
  • Odorless,  non-hazardous  and environmental friendly

One of the most important advantages of the Milfoam System is that high quality cleaning
results are obtained even in field conditions. The gun barrel maintenance procedures
and cleaning results are standardised through different program selections of the
system, which saves manpower as the soldiers can conduct other tasks when the
Milfoam system is working. The cleaning result is outstanding compared to
traditional methods.

The benefits are:

The maintenance of barrels will be standardized and cleaning results will reach the
required quality on user level in field. Cost saving of manpower, soldiers can do other
tasks during the cleaning system is working.

The operational life time of gun barrels will be extended because of better cleaning
results. The effective cleaning results can obtained on field, the operational use of
the gun will extend because the maintenance time of barrels will be much shorter
than manually. Environmentally safe for users and nature